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Developing GVD for Pricing and Market Access Success

GVD is the single strategy document which summarizes all clinical, economic, quality of life, health outcomes and economic studies on a product and clearly communicates the payer value proposition story to all relevant stakeholders. Due to several recent market events, GVD has emerged as a powerful tool to present cost and comparative effectiveness data for medical products. Join us for a live webinar for discussion on the following topics:

How to prepare comprehensive, concise and clear GVD for drugs and devices?

Using HTAs as a valuable source for developing GVD

How to develop and communicate budget impact model and cost effectiveness analysis using GVD?

How to conduct thorough and complete systematic review for GVD?

How to demonstrate comparative effectiveness of your products using GVD

Strategies to include meta-analysis and indirect comparisons in the GVD

What strategies can be implemented to easily maintain and update GVD with latest clinical and health economic information?

What type of electronic tools (e-dossier, ipad etc) can be used to present GVD?

Key findings from Novel Health survey with public and private payer stakeholders for developing value proposition story

Lessons learned from Novel Health's experience of developing global value dossiers for some of the recently launched blockbusters

NOVEL's Publication on Five Commonly Made Mistakes

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[NEW] NOVEL Health Strategies Selected for 13 Presentations, including PODIUM SESSION at ISPOR-EU 2022

NOVEL was selected for 13 Presentations, including PODIUM Session. Topics cover evidence generation needs for diagnostics, PDTs, RWE, orphan drugs, oncology, IBD, mucosal healing, ALS, advanced modeling methods and other HEOR topics! ISPOR Announcements

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NOVEL Health Strategies Team Published a Practice Changing Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis for a Hematology Product