Developing Oncology HEOR, Pricing and Marketing Strategy

Oncology is the highest selling indication for pharmaceutical and biotech products. It is projected that global sales of cancer drugs could reach $75-$100 billion by 2016-2020. Currently more than 40% of on-going clinical trials are for cancer indications. There are several factors that play a role in clinical and market success of new emerging cancer drugs. Join us for a live discussion on on the following topics:

What is the global outlook for cancer drugs for 2013-2020?

How is oncology market different from other pharmaceutical and biotech products?

What are the key factors for clinical and market success of cancer drugs?

How to develop HEOR evidence generation strategy for oncology products?

How to develop pricing and reimbursement strategy for new cancer drugs?

What lessons can be learned from launch price and reimbursement trends for all approved cancer drugs (US, EU and Asia)?

What is the role of HEOR, QoL and CEA evidence for market access of cancer drugs?

What is the role of HTAs, comparative effectiveness and CEA for oncology products?

What are some of new reimbursement models that are emerging for cancer drugs in the US, EU, LatAm and Asian markets?

How to develop robust budget impact models (Excel, iPad and Android) and CEA for cancer drugs?

Lessons learned from pricing and reimbursement case studies for CRC, RCC and CML

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Also watch our recent case study on Lessons Learned from FDA ODAC meeting:

Lessons Learned from FDA Advisory Meeting on Ovarian Cancer: Case Study Intro NOVEL Health Strategies from NOVEL Health Strategies on Vimeo.

This is a NOVEL Health Strategies' Quick Takeaways Series on FDA Advisory Meeting.

This video is an intro to our case study for 'Lessons Learned from FDA Advisory Meeting on Ovarian Cancer'

Contact info to request case study:

Saurabh (Rob) Aggarwal, PhD (Principal, NOVEL Health Strategies)

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Note: Due to proprietary data analyses in this webinar this presentation can be requested only for in-person live replay